Why It’s Okay to Buy Secondhand Cars

secondhand carsThe newer the better. It’s a common connotation for as long as we can remember. But does it really hold some truth? Well yes but not in its entirety. New isn’t always better. It depends on the situation and sometimes vintage can be cooler. But when it comes to vehicles, are secondhand machines worth the money? Experts weighs on in and here’s what they had to tell us: yes.

Wait, really? Do secondhand vehicles really mean well? Vintage and classic vehicles aside, there’s nothing wrong with going for a pre-loved machine and here are the many reasons why.

  • They cost less.

The newer it is the higher the price and it’s something that applies to pretty much everything and not just cars. Also, secondhand owners receive and experience far lesser depreciation hits which bring us to our next item on the list.

  • You get depreciation benefits.

The moment you drive a new vehicle off the lot, you slash out a great chunk off of its value. It’s a principle that has held steadfast decades back and until to this very day with some even depreciating as much as forty percent of its purchasing value just a mere year after it was bought. Moreover, this may require some owners to get an optional insurance coverage to cover the difference between the amount of the car loan and its actual value which is another expense in itself. This won’t happen with a secondhand vehicle. That hit has already been absorbed by its previous owner.

  • You get to save on a number of added costs.

A brand new vehicle comes with a slew of other expenses. To name a few there’s the states sales tax, DMV, destination fees, shipping, processing, preparation, and advertising fees among others. These are additional expenditures that must be paid by someone who buys a brand new machine and by opting out of that, you get to opt out of the said fees too.

  • You get a great bargain.

When buying a used vehicle, it is important to first assess its condition and how well-maintained it was by its previous owners. The digits on its mileage shall also shed some light as to how used it was regardless of the time since it rolled out of the manufacturer’s production tank. With the right hat tricks, one can score a worthwhile investment for cheap and who doesn’t want that?

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