What to Do During a Vehicle Bug Down

Car brokeYou’re singing your heart out to your favorite tune and suddenly your car breaks down. Yikes! Don’t panic although we’re hoping you’re not stranded somewhere deserted and dark. But even so, you need not scream your lungs out in despair because there are a number of things you can do to un-stuck yourself from the situation. How? We consulted with the experts from Classiccarlabs.com for some tips. Here, take a look.

  • First of all don’t panic. Cars rarely stop dead from running smoothly. They don’t just go from hero to zero in a matter of a split second. Chances are there already are a few signs that trouble is brewing up under the hood or on the wheels. Once you feel those red flags, make sure not to panic and to clear your head.
  • Then bring your vehicle away from the road. You don’t want to cause traffic and trouble to other drivers. Moreover, it would be particularly difficult to fix a busted car in the middle of the highway. That just sounds like plain suicide. Don’t forget to engage those hand brakes and turn your steering wheel away from traffic so the vehicle does not accidentally roll out to an accident.
  • Turn on those signal lights. You want other people to know that you’re having some car trouble and not just being a nuisance on the road. Hazard lights are a good way but in most cases they might not be enough. If you’ve got emergency triangles, take them out or if not you may simply raise your hood to make things more obvious.
  • Call for help. Almost everyone nowadays has a smart phone so calling for help shouldn’t be difficult unless you’re in some dead zone without reception. Do so immediately. Don’t wait on it. Of course if you can fix the car on your own then there will be no need for this but if you haven’t then don’t bother experimenting as you may do more harm than good.
  • Work from the side opposite to traffic. You can’t be tinkering with the car on the side of traffic because you’ll likely end up in an ambulance.
  • Check the basics. It could be a flat tire or your engine may have overheated from lack of adequate fluids or water. Sometimes the issue can be easy to solve says Classiccarlabs.com so every driver should at least have basic and firsthand information on these things.
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