Things You’re Doing Wrong with Your Vehicle

No matter how much you love your vehicle, you’re probably doing a few things wrong. If not then congratulations because you’re on the running to become the best car parent of the year! But just for the sake of certainty, check out if you plead guilty to the following crimes.

  • Using Lights Too Much or Not at All

People are guilty of using fog lights mindlessly. As the name suggests, they are to be used in cases when the visibility is brought down by certain elements including fog, heavy downpours and unlit roads. Never use them in highways and well-lit roads because they create a blinding effect that can cause accidents to the cars running on the opposite direction. At the same time, don’t turn your lights off as you park. Turn them off afterwards. This ensures that you remain visible to other vehicles or people thus preventing accidents.

  • Ignoring Mirror Blind Spots

According to a 1995 paper published by the Society of Automotive Engineers, outside mirrors should be adjusted so far outward that the viewing angle just overlaps that of the cabin’s rearview mirror. In doing so, it helps negate any blind spots. The paper has been tried and tested for decades but many drivers opt to disregard it because they are so used to seeing the flanks of their own car in the side mirrors.

  • Overlooking Your Cars Needs

It looks fine so why have it checked? You’ll hear that from an irresponsible owner. Regular upkeep and maintenance is necessary for cars. For instance, you have to change up the oils and other liquids every few miles or months. Wheel alignments are necessary too as well as tire pressure management. There’s more to owning a vehicle than just driving it on the road.

  • hbrakeNot Pressing the Handbrake Button

Many people would argue about it but think about it this way. Why would manufacturers continue to add the feature if it’s useless? The button is there because it has a purpose. It allows the brake to be applied in as smoothly as possible to avoid stressing the machine and creating faster wear and tear.

Whether you do it consciously or unconsciously is not the issue. It’s about the deed being wrong and your effort to help correct it. Trust us; your vehicles will thank you for it. and our team will bet you on that!

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