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Garage Must Haves

car garageA garage is important for obvious reasons. Despite vehicles being the power machines that they are, we can’t really conclude them as invincible. They suffer from wear and tear too and with constant exposure to harsh environments, they can deplete faster which won’t be very pleasing to any owner. A garage is one way to protect them especially when not in use. But what constitutes a well-equipped garage? Classiccarlabs.com teaches us a thing or two about the must-haves.

  • Adequate Space – It would be a huge pain to build and invest in a garage only to realize that it does not fit what you want to put in it. Apart from the vehicle, the structure will also be used for storage purposes. There are standards that one can follow in terms of measurement but it would also be wise to assess one’s needs and use that too especially if the plan is to build it from the ground up.
  • Insulation – Temperatures can hurt both the machine and its owners and passengers. The weather can crank up the numbers and make it too hot or too cold inside so make sure to invest in proper insulation. Choose the right walls and roofs and install needed equipment.
  • Safety Features – First, make sure that it can be locked and secured. Who wants a stolen vehicle? Likewise, avoid using and storing flammable items inside to prevent fire and accidents. The floor shouldn’t be slippery too. Poer outlets and wires should be high up. Have an extinguisher and sand ready in case of emergency.
  • First Aid Kit – Again, accidents can happen especially if one is cleaning or fixing the car. A first aid kit is therefore a must for these instances. Even the most careful of people are prone to unlikely circumstances. Better safe than sorry.
  • Access to Water – Cleaning and safety. Need we say more?
  • Proper Lighting – There’s a lot of productivity inside a garage on top of all the tools and possessions stocked in it. Absence of adequate lighting is not only inconvenient but also a recipe for accidents.
  • Tools – Make sure to have at least the basic tools and equipment necessary in car care and maintenance inside the garage. Keep them stored and organized too which brings us to the next item on our list.
  • Storage – Classiccarlabs.com highly recommends everyone to develop and install smart shelving and storage units within the garage premises. It makes it easier to find things plus helps avoid misplacing anything.