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What It Takes to Own a Cougar

1968-mercury-cougar-gtPerhaps one of the most talked about collectibles in the world of muscle cars would have to be none other than the esteemed Mercury Cougar. Since 1967, these bad boys and mean machines have struck fame and admiration from collectors and enthusiasts all over the world. But what does it take to own one? We’ve asked Classiccarlabs.com and here is what they had to say on the matter.

1.    Money – First up, you need to have adequate finances. It comes as no surprise that these vehicles come with quite a hefty price tag. Remember, these are rare finds and not many of those that are still in circulation are in fact in great condition. The numbers may vary but expect to spend quite an amount on one. Vehicles are after all one of the most expensive material purchases that one gets to spend on in their lifetime. Imagine how much more it would be for a vintage one like this?
2.    Knowledge – A good car owner is familiar with their machine. An awesome car owner does knows a whole great deal about their vehicle, how it works, the maintenance it needs, where to take it when hiccups occur and even some history. As they say, knowledge is power and this is true when owning a Cougar. You can’t facilitate its care and maintenance is you remain lackluster about it. There is more to owning a car than just holding the ownership to it.
3.    Garage – You simply cannot leave your vintage vehicle parked anywhere. That is basically a crime. Leaving it exposed to various elements that could hasten up its wear and tear process is pretty much suicide in terms of automobile care. A spacious and adequate garage will be necessary and vital. Make sure that one is available or else start building or looking for a place to serve such function.
4.    Mechanic – There may be many mechanics lying around in your area but not all of them are experts when it comes to dealing with vintage vehicles such as that of the legendary and classic Cougars. These automobiles need an ‘extra’ on everything so be sure to find someone whom you can have on call when a situation for it arises.
5.    License – You’re planning to drive your Mercury Cougar are you? To do so, you must of course get a driver’s license. A chauffer works too but then again where’s the fun in that asks Classiccarlabs.com.

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