Garage Must-Haves for Noobs

garageOwning a car is one thing but investing in an adequate and equipped garage is a whole different story. For some people, the garage is a commonly overlooked aspect. They fail to realize that in order to keep their machines in tiptop shape, they have to build its home. If you’re s elf professed noob or newbie, fear no more. Experts are here to school us in on the various must-haves go in on a garage. Here, take a look.

  • The Right Location

The garage has to be well-situated for it to be both functional and convenient. It’s best kept closest to the kitchen to easily bring in bags of groceries or other daily items. The pathway to and from it from the curb must be wide enough and it has to be accessible to and from the street for ease of movement.

  • Large Enough Doors

Cars come in all shapes and sizes and we can own different ones at different points in time. This is why garage doors must be wide and tall enough to stay versatile. Renovations can be done later on but that’s another job that’ll take up time and money.

  • Adequate Lighting

This applies both to natural and installed lighting. There’s a lot going on in a garage and so it has to be well lit to be safe and functional. There’s many movements going on day in and day out and it’ll be particularly hard to move about when we can’t see things well.

  • Proper Ventilation

One of the worst things that owners can do is overlook ventilation. Apart from housing one’s car, a garage can also serve as an additional room to store stuff. It’s also were others choose to repair or wash their vehicles. It would be extremely uncomfortable if it gets stuffy and humid so proper ventilation is a must.

  • Smart Storage Spaces

The garage has to be built in such a way that it allows for a generous storage space. Cabinets are a pretty neat addition particularly especially when held against the wall, vertically or in corners for maximum space.

  • The Right Tools

A sink with a threaded sprout that allows a hose to be attached to it would be a great investment to make cleaning a breeze. For areas with winter, frost-proof shut offs would be amazing for your plumbing. A set of standard tools for vehicle repairs and maintenance as well as those that’ll come in handy around the house would make for an awesome and functional garage too.

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